What Is Data Mining?

Data mining is one of the most crucial, powerful and motivating fields of research which involves the extraction of helpful, meaningful and interesting information from a collection of data. It can also be introduced as the process of knowledge discovery from already existing information. The main concern behind the concept of data mining is finding hidden relationships among the data present in different area like business, scientific and medical to allow experts of those areas to make predictions for future use. Hence, the main goal of data mining is Extraction and Predictions. Data mining involves different techniques like classification,
clustering, and association. Regarding medical research, it is one of very appropriate approach as it assists the medical researcher to predict and detect diseases by gaining knowledge from patient’s database.

Steps Of Data Mining

1. Data Cleaning – (removal of noise and inconsistent records)

2. Data Integration – (combining multiple sources)

3. Data Selection – (only data relevant for the task are retrieved from the database)

4. Data Transformation – (converting data into a form more appropriate for mining)

4. Data Mining – (application of intelligent methods in order to extract data patterns)

5. Model Evaluation – (identification of truly interesting patterns representing knowledge)

6. Knowledge Presentation – (visualization or other knowledge presentation techniques)