Emma Raducanu Wiki 2021: Age, Bio, Net Worth

Winning the US Open at the age of 18 would thrust anyone into the spotlight, but add to the fact that Emma Raducanu is photogenic, well spoken, and incredibly grounded, makes her every marketing and PR firm’s dream.

Here we take a look at exactly who this new tennis hot shot is and where she might be headed in the future.


Raducanu hit the red carpet at the Met Gala ball, straight after she won the US Open title

An Early Bloomer

At the time of writing Raducanu is just 18-years of age with her birthday being on the 13th of November. Her run at the US Open was unique because it was the first time in grand slam history that a qualifier went all the way to claim the title and seriously upset the bookies, many of whom had never heard of the starlet before she burst on the scene at Wimbledon 2021. She will now be one of the first names on any online betting slip that is looking to make use of a sports free bet. After all, talents like this only come around once in a generation with even the Queen and Jürgen Klopp stating their admiration for Raducanu.

British Via Canada

Having started life in Toronto, Canada, Raducanu has roots in Romania and China, so that despite having British nationality, she speaks Mandarin and still loves Romanian cooking.

Net Worth

With her mixed heritage meaning she can relate to all four corners of the world, Raducanu already has huge brands and companies lining up to have her endorse their products, and already there are some incredible predictions about what her projected net worth might be. More reserved estimates tend to come in at $6 million, while more outlandish ones predict her to soon be raking in $1 billion. Of course, that will only happen if she remains injury free and keeps on winning.

Women’s tennis is on a high right now after Raducanu’s incredible run to the US Open final

Other Hobbies

At the age of 18 it is hard to say if Raducanu has a raft of hobbies that she enjoys when she is not competing or on the practice court, but she has already let slip that she is a huge fan of F1 racing, so it may not be long before a company pays big money to have her and Lewis Hamilton appear together in some kind of photoshoot or joint ad campaign. Having seen the way she dazzled at the Met Gala, Raducanu may also follow peers like Serena Williams and Naomi Osaka into fashion.