Bills’ Tyrel Dodson Is Accused Of Domestic Violence By His Girlfriend

Buffalo Bills rookie LB Tyrel Dodson was arrested after his girlfriend accused him of domestic allegations.

American football linebacker Tyrel Dodson was arrested after his girlfriend accused him roughing her up during a violent altercation. The couple got into an argument on 25th May in Scottsdale, AZ.

The disagreement between the couple began after the player Tyrel Dodson vomited on the carpet inside her bedroom after drinking too much. According to his girlfriend, Tyrel grabbed her forcefully and shoved her against the wall.

For this case, Tyrel disagrees about the allegation and also told the police that he was the real victim. He shows a red mark on his face, indicating that he was the real victim, not his girlfriend.

Caption: American football linebacker Tyrel Dodson

His girlfriend states that the football player started getting physical with her when she encounters him about the vomit. She accepts that she slapped him in his face and according to her, Tyrel also responded by slapping her back.

The player, Tyrel was booked on three charges; one domestic violence count, one charge of disorderly conduct, and one charge of damage of property.