Donald Trump Declares Report Of US Cyber Actions Against Russian Grid An ‘Act Of Treason’.

Donald Trump declares report of US cyber actions against Russian grid an 'act of treason'
Donald Trump has erupted in fury after it was reported that America has laid the groundwork for a potentially devastating cyber attack on Russia’s electric grid, describing the article as a “virtual act of treason”.

According to a three-month investigation by the New York Times, increasingly sophisticated malware has been embedded in the Russian electricity system which could be activated to plunge the country into darkness in the event of a major confrontation.

The president yesterday/SUN denied the story while calling the newspaper “cowards” and the “enemy of the people.”

However, Mr. Trump’s outburst came as it emerged he may not have been informed of an escalation of digital incursions into Russia’s infrastructure in what is seen as a warning to Vladimir Putin to refrain from further meddling in US life.