Bailey Sarian Age, Net Worth, Career and Full Bio New 2021

Bailey Sarian


How old is Bailey Sarian?

Bailey Sarian (born November 26, 1988) is a popular make-up artist known for her make-up videos on her YouTube channel. She is 32 years old. Along with her guides and tips on make-up and hairdressing, Bailey entertains her fans with unsolved murder mystery news and stories. Due to her unique and unorthodox presentation of make-up tutorials as well as entertaining and intriguing murder mystery stories she has amassed herself quite an audience on her YouTube channel. Currently, Bailey Sarian has 4.68 million subscribers on her YouTube channel. Similarly, she has also gathered just over 2 million followers on her Instagram account.


Where was Bailey Sarian born?

Bailey Sarian was born in California, USA. She has not revealed where she attended her school education, but she has graduated from Paloma Valley High School in Menifee, California. Bailey is a really private person and has not shared much about her childhood days. However, she has said she loved make-up and was intrigued by tattoos when she first saw them. Luckily her career is based on her passion as a make-up artist as well as a tattoo artist. Regarding her height and weight, she is 5 ft 10 inches tall and weighs about 86 kg. Her zodiac sign is Sagittarius. Bailey has black color hair and her eyes color is also black.


Bailey Sarian’s career started as a make-up artist for some unknown company. However, she started getting popular when she started her YouTube channel in 2013. The name of her YouTube channel was based on her own name Bailey Sarian. Her first video was titled “My Foundation, Contour Highlights”. The video became decently popular with over 300,000 views. Bailey continued to share tricks and tips for her make-up and also show various kinds of tutorials for her make-up and tattoo art. However, her big break did not come before 2016, when she created a unique concept of makeup and murder mystery. Bailey started to share some amazing murder mysteries and based her make-up design according to the theme of the stories. She started to gain a lot more subscribers and followers on her YouTube account after her first murder, mystery, make-up video. In 2019, she released the video related to Jeffrey Dahmer and the chaos in his mind which became her most-watched video with over 12 million views. Bailey has continued her unique concept for makeup blending it with murder mystery stories which have amassed her over 4.5 million subscribers on YouTube.

Makeup and Cosmetic

Before her amazing career as a YouTuber, Bailey started as a make-up artist for Sephora Makeup and Cosmetics. She started doing make-up for music videos and weddings. After her success through YouTube, Bailey collaborated with IPSY and ESTATE Cosmetics. They created their own branded eyeshadow palette called Venice to fling Bailey Sarian x ESTATE Eyeshadow.


Who is Bailey Sarian married to? Bailey Sarian is currently married to social media influencer and public figure Fernando Valdez. The couple first met with each other in December 2013. Fernando was born in 1981 and was among gang members in South California. He has a hobby of punk rock, skateboarding, and hip-hop. Fernando has over 350,000 Instagram followers. The couple has not provided information on their marriage. Currently, Bailey and Fernando are living together happily. They do not have any children to date. Bailey Sarian with Fernando

Net Worth

What is the net worth of Bailey Sarian? Bailey Sarian is one of the popular YouTubers and make-up artists of 2021. She has over 6 million social media followers worldwide. Bailey’s “Murder, Mystery Make-up is one of the popular and most watched video series on YouTube. Due to her popularity and talent, Bailey has earned quite a lot of income and money. Her primary source of income is from her content of social media whereas she also earns regular passive incomes from her eyeshadow and her make-up career. Currently, Bailey has a net worth of approximately $480,000 as of 2021.


  • Bailey Sarian was born in California, USA.
  • She is just 32 years old as of 2021.
  • Bailey is the host of the popular YouTube series “Murder Mystery Makeup”.
  • She has amassed over 4.6 million followers on her YouTube account.
  • Her husband’s name is Fernando Valdez who is also a social media personality.
  • Currently, Bailey Sarian has a net worth of approximately $480,000 as of 2021.
  • Bailey Sarian and Matt Steffanina are both popular American YouTubers.


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