Robie Uniacke

Robie Uniacke
Born NameRobie Uniacke
ProfessionBusinessman, Mathematical Researcher
Date Of Birth1961
Birth PlaceEngland (United Kingdom)
Age59 Yrs Old
Zodiac SignCancer
Height5 ft 9 in (175 cm)
Weight65 kg (143 lbs)
Net Worth$9 Million
Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorDark Brown
GirlfriendRosamund Pike (Partner)
WifeEmma Howard
Marital StatusDivorced, In a Relationship
ChildrenRobie Jonjo Uniacke, Hector Uniacke,
Olive Uniacke, Florence Uniacke,
Solo Uniacke, Atom Uniacke

Robie Uniacke is a famous and popular British businessman and mathematical researcher. He is well known as the best time partner of the famous English actress named “Rosamund Pike”. Rosamund Pike rose into fame after playing a role in “Gone Girl”. Robie Uniacke is mostly admired by the famous actress “Rosamund Pike” for his wit, intelligence and irreverence”.

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When and where was Robie Uniacke born? What is his current age? Know about his family life and early life.

The famous businessman and mathematical researcher was born in 1961. He was born in the United Kingdom (England). Robie Uniacke is recently at the age of 59 years old. Robie Uniacke is a citizen of the United Kingdom and lies under a Cancer zodiac sign. Robie Uniacke hasn’t revealed any information about his family on the internet or any social media sites. Robie Uniacke was raised in a middle class family. No information has been revealed by him about the name of his family members.

Robie Uniacke journey towards the success of his career life. Know about his career life and education life.

Robie Uniacke started his education life by attending Eton College in Windsor located in the United Kingdom. Later he completed his graduation in England.

Robie Uniacke gained a lot of success in his career. He is one of the famous and popular mathematical researchers in the United Kingdom. Robie Uniacke was mostly interested in mathematics that finally helps him choose his career as a mathematical researcher. Due to his sharp and brilliant mind he has uplifted his career and also earned a beautiful sum of money. Robie Uniacke used to have a difficult past as he was addicted to drugs. However, he finally wins and pulls himself out of the situation and moved forward to his career. Later in the year 2010, Robie Uniacke being a famous British Entrepreneur started a n IT Company named “Pale Fire Ltd”. Later, he was able to rise the company and it was one of the best and top IT companies for many years. Later, the company “Pale Fire Ltd” was declared insolvent and subsequently dissolved due to an inability to clear debts in the year 2016. Robie Uniacke has faced many ups and downs in his career and still after facing every challenge he is one of the most popular and familiar personalities in the eyes of the media and people around the world today.

Caption: Robie Uniacke during his vacation

Robie Uniacke personal life. Is Robie Uniacke still single or dating or married? Know about his relationship status and love affairs.

Talking about the personal life of the famous mathematical researcher, Robie Uniacke has also faced many ups and downs in his personal life as well. He first married the famous lady “Emma Howard” in the year 1983. Robie Uniacke’s first wife “Emma Howard” was the daughter of the late Earl of Carlisle”. Emma was at the age of 30 years when she married “Robie Uniacke”. Robie Uniacke and Emma Howard welcomed their first child named “Robie Jonjo Uniacke”. In 1988, Robie Uniacke and his first wife “Emma Howard” decided to divorce after being together for 5 years. Like his first marriage, Robie Uniacke second marriage with the famous interior designer “Rose Batstone” also didn’t last forever. Robie Uniacke and his second wife “Rose Batstone” have three children namely “Hector Uniacke”, “Olive Uniacke”, and “Florence Uniacke”.

After two unsuccessful married lives, Robie Uniacke finally met the famous English actress “Rosamund Pike ”. Robie Uniacke’s partner “Rosamund Pike ” is a famous Hollywood star and gained fame after playing a role as Amy Dunne in the thriller novel movie named “Gone Girl”. Robie Uniacke and Rosamund Pike started dating in 2009. Robie Uniacke is still dating “Rosamund Pike” and has also welcomed two beautiful children together. Robie Uniacke and his partner Rosamund Pike” first child “Solo Uniacke” was born on 6 May 2012 and the second child “Atom Uniacke” was born on 2 December 2014. Despite having the age difference of almost 18 years, Robie Uniacke and Rosamund Pike love for eachother never went down in almost a decade.

Caption: Robie Uniacke with his partner “Rosamund Pike”

Know about the net worth and salary of Robie Uniacke. How much does he earn in a year?

As per wiki- bio pages, it has been estimated that Robie Uniacke has a net worth of $9 Million (approx). He has seen many ups and downs in his career yet facing difficult times, he was able to gain a huge amount of net worth in his life. There is no information about his salary on the internet or any other wiki- bio pages. Robie Uniacke salary has not been disclosed till today.

Robie Uniacke Height, Weight, Wiki, Bio, and Many More.

Robie Uniacke has the perfect body measurement of 5 feet 9 inches height and weighs almost 65 Kg approximately. Despite being at the age of 59 years, Robie Uniacke has maintained his body well standing 175 cm tall and weighing 143 lbs. He looks dashing with his dark brown hair color and blue eye color.

Is Robie Uniacke active on social media sites? Follow him on his Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to know more about his daily life activities.

Despite being the partner of the famous actress “Rosamund Pike”, Robie Uniacke has stayed away from social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. He is not interested in creating social media sites. He doesn’t like to share any information regarding his life on any social media sites.

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Where and when was  Robie Uniacke born?

1969 in England (United Kingdom)

What nationality does Robie Uniacke belong to?


What is  Robie Uniacke’s ethnicity?


What is  Robie Uniacke’s eye color?


Which color of hair does Robie Uniacke have?

Dark Brown

How tall is  Robie Uniacke?

5ft 9inch

How old is  Robie Uniacke?

59 Yrs Old